Jabil Announces New Technology Division

January 18, 2001
Jabil Announces New Technology Division18 January 2001
St. Petersburg, FL

Forward - Looking Statement

Jabil Circuit, Inc. today announced the formation of Jabil Technology Services (JTS), a division of Jabil Circuit. The new division will encompass all current design, technology development, and advanced test engineering under a unified and globally coordinated management structure. As a separate division, Jabil's technology services group will have an enhanced ability to invest, expand and provide cohesive global services to Jabil's existing and prospective customer base. Jabil Technology Services Vice President Jeff Lumetta will be responsible for management of the newly formed division.

"We continue to enjoy outstanding demand for advanced design and technology development services. Jabil has a leadership position in providing design and technology services. This new divisional structure will help to ensure we maintain our leadership position and it will accelerate our ability to expand on a global basis, "Lumetta said.

The Jabil Technology Services division includes a newly formed Optics Technology Development Lab. The Optics lab will focus on the continued development of process assembly and test technology for optical products. The lab will assist customers in bringing complex optical products to market, develop automation capabilities, design test processes and provide training for personnel from global sites.

"A key area of focus is optical product development and optical manufacturing technology. We have invested substantially in research and development lab equipment, engineering talent, lab space and training. We are currently performing a wide range of functions from splicing technologies to core optical product design," Lumetta said.

The Jabil Technology Services organization has carefully selected locations near or within Jabil high-volume manufacturing plants. The close proximity to manufacturing helps to ensure appropriate design for manufacturability disciplines are employed and new product introduction services are readily available. The division has locations in the U.S.A, Europe and Asia. All regions are expanding.

The Jabil Technology Services management team is expanding as well. Several new positions were announced:

Israel Morejon was promoted to Director of Design Services. Morejon will oversee global product development capabilities and aid in Jabil's overall technical direction.

Jim Zboralski was named Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Zboralski has been with Jabil for 15 years and has held various positions in operations and test engineering.

Larry Church was named Director of Sales and Marketing. Church will be responsible for Jabil Technology Services' information technology infrastructure and Jabil's configurations management group.

This release contains certain forward-looking statements, which are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. Some factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include: business conditions and growth in the contract manufacturing industry and the general economy; variability of operating results; dependence on a limited number of customers; limited availability of components; dependence on certain industries; variability of customer requirements; and other risk factors described in Jabil Circuit's most recently filed SEC documents such as the Form 10-K, filed 11/28/00.

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