True‐Tech, 2017

Manufacturing company specializing in aerospace, semiconductor and medical machined components

Capital Equipment


AOC Technologies, 2015

Designer and manufacturer of discrete optical components, complex modules and fiber based line cards to support 10G/40G/100G networks



Hanson (Metal Component Assets), 2016

Manufacturing company specializing in components and metal parts for electronic devices.

Consumer Lifestyles


Inala, 2015

Energy solutions provider and systems integrator that delivers consulting and monitoring energy services to the telecommunications industry



Nypro, 2013

Provider of manufactured precision plastic products for customers in the healthcare, packaging and consumer electronics industries

Healthcare Packaging


Plasticos Castella, 2015

Manufacturer of high-volume plastic containers and packaging for dozens of food and beverage name brands



Shemer, 2015

Contract manufacturing provider for high tech capital equipment companies specializing in high complexity chassis, complex enclosures, motion systems, and final systems assembly

Capital Equipment

Technologies & Solutions

Clothing+, 2015

Developer and manufacturer of wearable biometric sensor solutions



Green Point, 2007

Provider of electro-mechanical manufacturing and services for the mobile product market

Design Ingenuity


Kasalis, 2015

Supplier of advanced manufacturing systems for the active alignment, assembly, and test of compact optoelectronic devices


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